This is the quick loan from Fleximoney, the big brother of Ok Money

This is the quick loan from Fleximoney, the big brother of Ok Money

Throughout this year, several companies specializing in the granting of mini-credits have launched products of greater amounts with a longer return period to adapt to the new demands of the applicants. The last company to market its own fast loan in installments has been DFC Global Corp (the owner of Ok Money or Kyzoo), which through the Fleximoney brand offers up to € 3,000 to reimburse up to a maximum of 12 months.

Financing conditions of this instant credit

Financing conditions of this instant credit

Fleximoney differs from other brands of DFC Global Corp by the amounts of money it offers and the method of repaying its urgent loans. This company can lend us between € 400 and € 1,000 to return in a maximum of 6 months if it is the first time we request financing , while if we have already taken a quick Fleximoney credit before and we have repaid it without problems, we can get up to € 3,000 with a maximum repayment period of 12 months .

Regarding the price, this instant credit has a monthly interest of 5% and an opening commission of 10% , which is paid along with the monthly payments (not when the contract is formalized). Adding the commission and interest, the applied rate can range between 71% and 116% per annum, depending on the amount and term selected (between 98.62% and 200.78% APR). In the following table we can see several representative examples of the price of this fast loan if we repay it in 6 months:

Loan amount Monthly payment Cost Total capital to be returned
€ 500 € 107 € 142 € 642
€ 700 € 150 € 199 € 899
€ 1,000 € 214 € 284 € 1,284

Regarding the other costs, Fleximoney does not charge commissions for full anticipated reimbursement, or costs of connection or notary.

How to contract the Fleximoney quick loan in 5 steps

How to contract the Fleximoney quick loan in 5 steps

If we are interested in the conditions of the Fleximoney instant credit, we can process the request from this same page. Here we show the steps that must be taken to contract this product:

  1. Click on the red button that we will find at the end of this article.
  2. Enter the amount and term of the quick loan . Thanks to the simulator, we will know the exact cost of the selected product and the monthly payment.
  3. Fill out the online form with the required information . We must provide our personal, financial, banking and contact information, in addition to the number of our debit card.
  4. Verify our mobile phone After taking this step, we can read the terms and conditions of the contract and send the request.
  5. After a quick study, Fleximoney will approve the request and deposit the money into our debit card . From that moment, the collection of the monthly payments will be charged on the same card until the loan is fully reimbursed.

Before requesting the urgent loans of this company, it is important that we make sure that we fulfill all your requirements, otherwise our request will be denied. Among the conditions of access required, it is necessary to emphasize that it is necessary to collect an income of at least € 1,000 per month to obtain approval, in addition to having a debit card and not appear in any record of defaults (ASNEF, RAI, etc.). 

They will also ask us to be of legal age, to reside permanently in the national territory, to have a personal mobile phone and to have no outstanding credit with Fleximoney, Kyzoo, Superefectivo or Ok Money.


Prestacars: up to € 10,000 with car warranty

Get with Prestacars up to € 10,000 with the guarantee of your car and keep driving it. Payroll is not necessary and supports ASNEF. It’s that simple and fast.


Benefits No Payroll: Yes With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 30 days Deadline: 0 years Minimum loan: € 500 Maximum loan: € 10,000

Additional information of Prestacars


Prestacars Prestacars is a company specialized in credits that allows you to get money through the Internet without questions and without the need to provide payroll or prove a source of income with the guarantee of your car . It is a commitment in which you continue to drive and normally use your vehicle until you return the money.

The maximum amount of money you can get with Prestacars is € 10,000 very quickly, but with the limit of the appraised value of the car. Depending on the brand, model and age of the vehicle, it is valued and they tell you the maximum amount of money they can offer you.

The whole process is done quickly through the Internet, so in a few minutes from Prestacars they tell you the maximum amount that they can provide you with the guarantee of your car, if you are interested in the offer, go ahead and otherwise you have only lost 5 minutes . Remember that you will not be asked for payroll, pension or any type of income, they are loans without payroll and with ASNEF.

How does Prestacars work?

A quick way to get money urgently and without questions, regardless of our personal situation, is to provide something as collateral . The loan money is guaranteed by the ” pledge “, in this case a vehicle, therefore, since the payment for said ” pledge ” is guaranteed, it is not necessary to provide a payroll, guarantee, pension, source of income, income tax return or any additional documentation. . This is what is commonly known as commitment.

The case of Prestacars what is committed is a car, but with the advantage that you get the money but also still enjoy the car as normal. When the expiration time arrives the customer returns the money and ” plays ” the car, or if he does not pay, Prestacars keeps the vehicle. In case of non-payment the only guarantee is the car, they will never charge us any additional money.

The money can be used in whatever you need, you will not have to give any explanation about what you are going to do with it. The only obligation you will have is to return the money, if you do not want to lose your car.

Steps to request money in Prestacars

To request the money first of all we must have a car in our name , the vehicle must not have pending loads and must have an age not exceeding 8-10 years depending on the model.

Fulfilling the above requirement, all you have to do is enter the Prestacars website and assess the car to know the maximum limit that they can lend us. Upon entering we select the brand of the car, then the model, year of registration and some information about our employment situation .

After entering this information, the maximum amount offered appears, we choose the amount of money we need and finally fill in our contact information and phone number. Do not enter anything else, from this precise moment in Prestacars analyze the case and in a few minutes contact to offer you the best loan.

As you can see it is a somewhat different way to get money, and although in our country it is not well established, it has been operating for years in countries such as the United States, where it is a habitual and recurrent way of obtaining money.

What are active employment policies?

Unemployment is one of the most serious problems of the Spanish economy, if not the worst. Therefore, one of the government’s priorities is always to create employment and, as far as possible, protect the unemployed. The set of measures adopted by the State related to the labor market are called employment policies .

It is important to distinguish between active employment policies , which are those aimed at creating employment; and passive employment policies , which are aimed at protecting the unemployed.

Active policies enhance the creation of employment directly through the offer of jobs or indirectly through measures that increase the number of jobs in the short or medium term. We can differentiate two large categories of active policies according to where they act:

1. Active policies directed to the active population:

<u>1. Active policies directed to the active population:</u>

  • Promote public employment . It consists in the creation of employment by the different public administrations. For example, increasing the number of places for education officials.
  • Reduction of the job offer . Sometimes compulsory measures or incentives are put in place so that workers reduce their working time. The aim is to leave gaps in the labor market that allow access for new workers. For example, through early retirement, the reduction of working hours or the prohibition of overtime.
  • Training and insertion These measures aim to improve the qualification of workers. The progress of society means that jobs are becoming increasingly complex technologically, so it is necessary to recycle workers and offer them the qualification that the labor market demands.

2. Active policies aimed at the business world :

<u>2. Active policies aimed at the business world</u> :

  • Promotion of contracting by companies . The public sector can encourage companies to increase their hiring. For example, through subsidies to the creation of employment or through discounts on Social Security contributions.
  • Self-employment Every day more value is given to the employee capable of creating his own job. For this reason, administrations subsidize and promote business initiatives. In this sense, chambers of commerce or associations of young entrepreneurs are usually quite effective in promoting self-employment.
  • Labor market flexibility It consists of the elimination of obstacles and regulations to hire and fire employees by parts of the companies. It is increasingly evident that the more flexible a labor market is, the lower its unemployment rate.

Finally, in relation to active employment policies, it is also important to review the role played by employment offices . These serve to advise the unemployed to get employment while acting as intermediaries between companies and workers. In our country we have the Public State Employment Service (SEPE), but also private offices authorized to act as intermediaries, such as placement agencies.